How to take a stand (4 Quick tips)

How to take a stand (4 Quick tips)

So here’s how I found myself in a relationship that I shouldn’t have gotten into in the first place: by not having standards. I didn’t take a stand earlier.
I realized it quite late, but not too late because I was able to get out of it.
I had no standards, and at that point it had seemed “cool” to me, but it wasn’t cool at all.
When time came to make certain decisions, I realized then that I didn’t have anything handy. I was just so unstable, taking whatever came so long as it wasn’t so bad.
I learnt a hard and important lesson in that period of my life –

You must take a stand. If you don’t stand for anything then you will fall for anything.
You must take a stand in this life. If you don’t take a stand then you will be tussed to and fro by the winds of doctrines, teachings and opinions. You will accept any and everything.
You must be able to tell yourself, this is where I stand, this is what I believe in.

So how do you take a stand?

  • Know the truth
  • Know who you are
  • Decide!
  • Stay!
Four quick tips on how to take a stand

1. Know the truth:
You must know the truth to be able to take a stand. Ignorance limits you but the truth frees you. And the ultimate place is to find truths is in the Bible; its answers do not change with time or trends, so you are sure to discover daily truths.

2. Know who you are
An understanding of who you are gives you freedom to be your authentic self.
It’s a lot easier to accept lies when you are lost, confused and in crisis. You become desperate to hear anything and at those times you could easily be taken advantage of. But when you have a good knowledge of your identity Ah! You won’t take nonsense.

3. Decide!
When you know the truth and your identity, you have to make a decision to stand on the side of truth.
The decisions you make determine where you go in life and what you get.
So it’s either you decide where to stand or life decides it for you; you don’t get to stay on the fence for so long.

4. Stay!
Stay on the side of truth no matter what. Be unapologetic about what you stand for. Put it up front that this is what you stand for.

The Bible's view on taking a stand as shown in Ephesians 4:14

“Then we will no longer be immature like children. We wonโ€™t be tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching. We will not be influenced when people try to trick us with lies so clever they sound like the truth.”
Ephesians 4:14 NLT

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  1. This is something everyone should know!
    Another beautiful and timely post ๐Ÿ’•
    Well done Eetulsy๐ŸŒผ
    God’s blessings..

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