How to keep moving forward

How to keep moving forward

February is already upon us and the calendar says that we are already 44 days into 2019. At this point whatever has happened in December 2018 or January 2019 does not really matter anymore. It’s already in the past, we have to move forward.

Moving forward simply implies that we have to let go of our past and face the present while anticipating the future earnestly.

Well… It’s not a must for you to move forward but the scary part is you either move forward or get left behind; the world will keep moving whether you want it to or not.

There are so many reasons we have to just step up and keep going no matter what:

Reason 1

The past can’t really be changed only the present can be influenced and we add nothing to our lives by dwelling on yesterdays that can’t be rewritten.

Reason 2

You have to keep going to prevent history from repeating itself; the mistakes of yesterday can only be corrected by today’s actions. If you keep going you give yourself a chance to do better than you did yesterday.

Reason 3

You must keep going forward because it’s the only way to the tomorrow of your dreams.

We are not stones that have not feeling or emotions; we are humans with flesh and blood flowing in our veins, and once in a while, we get knocked down by certain unfavorable situations but our tomorrow really depends on the choices we make and follow through today.

Here are some pieces of advice on how to keep going regardless of what happens.

Tip 1: Stop feeling that you are not good enough

Inferiority complex is an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy, a feeling that you are not as good, as intelligent, as attractive, etc as other people. To move forward, you have to know that you are good enough. You don’t even need anyone to tell you, you should keep telling it to yourself. If you have always seen yourself as less, you have to start seeing yourself as more. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are less than important, you are invaluable. You have to look within yourself and discover the star in you and become comfortable in your skin.

“Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are less than important, you are invaluable. You have to look within yourself and discover the star in you and become comfortable in your skin”

Tip 2: Stop feeling that you must do the same things as others (your peers, relatives etc)

You are different and unique in your own way and you must not do the same things your peers are doing to feel respected. Stay true to yourself.

Tip 3: Have a positive mindset

This might seem very difficult sometimes but you need to learn to see the bright side in every circumstance even when it seems like nothing is working; to always look for the silver lining in every seemingly dead situation and to have hope when it seems like all hope is gone. It’s indeed a virtue you should develop. There’s great energy in being positive.

The fear of failure will always try to stop you from trying new things. Don’t let fear stop you from being great. Move on irrespective of fear, don’t let it control you.

“I was taught that people who took risks without fear were brave but far braver are those who took risks despite their fears”
-The Space between us

Tip 4: Don’t be controlled by fear

As hard and as impossible as it may seem, it’s actually possible to know that you good enough, keep a positive attitude and not be controlled by fear. Keep moving forward; let nothing stand in your way. Keep on moving!

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